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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  March 24, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> coming up, rally for trayvon martin's, hundreds gathered to call for justice and the shooting death. deadly fire in western virginia. six children were killed. and organizers kickoff a big weekend with the cherry blossom festival. captioned by the national captioning institute >> good evening, pamela brown. we begin with the weather, one storm watch tonight. it has been drizzling through the day. the rain will stick around for a while. let's check in with steve rudin.
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>> to the maps we go, the belfort furniture weather center, and that it thunderstorms west of d.c. -- embedded thunderstorms west of d.c. nothing across the immediate metro, but to the southwest rockingham looking at a severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00 this evening. we will look for the storms to eventually diminish a little bit as they move towards the north and east. the bottom of the screen, the strongest storm cell moving towards lynchburg, where the tornado warning remains. nothing like that on the way for us. don't be surprised if you hear some rumbles of thunder during the evening. coming up, luck and we expect the rest of the weekend? the full forecast in just a few minutes. >> thank you steve. turning to the latest in the
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trayvon martin's case, at least a thousand people gathered to pay tribute to the florida teenager. there is growing anger that the man accused of shooting and killing him was not arrested. breanne carter was at the rally. >> the longer the rally went on, the bigger the crowds. people filled with passion and emotion, many wearing hoddies odies and carrying skittles, just like trayvon martin. >> no justice no peace! >> thousand stood together, many crying out for justice for trayvon martin. >> even as we protest, we also need to remember the families dealing with these tragedy --
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dealing with this tragedy. >> this story resonates with this woman because she has a 15- year-old son. >> we try to launch and what is happening in the world. that was nearly a month ago that martin was shot walking home in his florida neighborhood. george zimmerman said he shot the 17-year-old in self-defense. >> at issue is there was some kind of scuffle took place and the gun was discharged and now there is a young man dead. the issue it that will ultimately be it was it self- defense? >> many believe this case goes way beyond that. >> racial profiling happens and injustice happens. the government has to do something about it. >> zimmerman's lawyer says his client is not a racist and and the implications of that are simply not true.
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the speakers at the rally called for april 10 to be national hoodie day the same day the florida grand jury convenes on this case. breanne carter, abc 7 news. >> in west virginia, eight people are dead, including six children after a fire tore through charleston house during a slumber party. it is being called the worst fire in the city's history. richard reeve has the latest from the satellite center. >> this started as a friday night birthday party for one of the adults in the home. instead, a fast-moving fire took eight lives and a surviving child is in intensive care. firefighters are trying to determine what caused this destructive blaze that took all of these lives. it included six children under 8 years old. >> in a state of shock.
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>> investigators say the fire broke out after 3:00 in the morning. a woman at ran next door to call 911. firefighters found the house in flames. they discovered a horrifying grisly scene once the fire was put out. >> the bodies were frozen in time. >> investigators believe the people died from smoke inhalation. people were saddened to learn that the home only had one smoke detector in the basement stairwell that was not working. >> this has to be the most horrible incident that we have faced. >> the sole surviving hunter is at an area hospital in critical condition. -- the sole surviving a youngster is at an area hospital in critical condition. an inspection was canceled a couple months ago because no adults were home at the time. there is still no cause yet for
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this horrible fire. richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> in other news, a frontier airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing at dulles international airport. the pilot diverted from reagan national after seeing a hydraulic warning light. the flight from kansas city landed safely at dulles airport at 10:30 this morning. maintenance workers inspected the airplane. turning to the cherry blossom festival, it is a busy weekend the first of two family days, and a special stamp was on failed. -- and a special stamp was unveiled. >> the cherry blossoms are in full bloom but what the weather, the real celebration was on the inside. today proves that the festival goes beyond the cherry blossoms. >> it is moving inside. >> hundred scheme for the music
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and activities, all in the name of the springtime tradition. >> it is a great time of year. >> this year, the celebration is extra sweet the 100th year. up to commemorate, the u.s. postal service has unveiled a special centennial stamp. today, people lined up to get the first one. >> i went to the post office and it was sold out. >> the weather may have brought disappointment to some but to others, the spirit of the cherry blossoms followed inside. >> this is the best way to bring people together. >> the blossoms may not last through the rain this weekend the actual festival with many other events runs another four weeks. >> if you had to the tidal basin, take some pictures.
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we will have a photo contest. go to for how to answer. the winner will receive a cherry blossom prize package. late breaking developments in the investigation of the deadly shooting rampage in afghanistan. plus for the first time in nearly a year, of the washington nationals allowed visitors. and did anyone at when t
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>> following several new developments and the shooting rampage in afghanistan. officials believe that robert bales went on the two separate shooting sprees. he is charged with killing 17 afghan civilians including nine children. his wife announced that she is
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establishing a legal defense fund. in new the rupees -- a new report shows that jerry sandusky fit the profile of a pedophile back in 1998. the blachly had inappropriate contact with a boy showering make it with the child -- sandusky allegedly had inappropriate contact with the boy, showering naked with the boy. rick santorum is hoping to bounce back after mitt romney beat him in illinois this week, and newt gingrich is hoping for a comeback. that he has pinned his hopes on winning in the south. polls in louisiana close at 9:00 tonight. still ahead, visitors at the washington national cathedral given rare access today.
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>> hundreds gathered on capitol hill to rally against the health care overhaul. the supreme court will hear arguments on monday about constitute a nationality -- about the constitutionality of the law. the maryland house of delegates is holding a rare saturday session, catching up on work after budget debates. one of the bills is whether to restructure maryland's current public/private partnership. the bill under consideration would allow them to use better public/private partnership on projects. the washington national cathedral has allowed visitors to take the torah for the first
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time since the earthquake caused extensive damage. visitors climbed at 333 steps from the ground floor to the top of the tower, where the bells are rung. >> it is a fine opportunity to climb to a high point in washington with an amazing view. people are still having a great time. >> the cathedral offers these tourass only three times per year and people have to sign up in advance. nobody matched the correct numbers for the jackpot. for people trying to strike it rich, that is good news because you still have another chance. the jackpot now stands over $300 million. another opportunity. >> nice to dream. >> i wish the weather was nicer.
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>> we had a nice stretch of days of above average temperatures. lots of sunshine, today the clouds and rain and thunderstorms. at the beach, hard to believe in another month and a half we will be looking at the beach season. the boardwalk at rehoboth, it is quiet. fortunately, things will improve as the east wind will finally give up. a high today 67 degrees at reagan national, still well above average. normally the high approaches 59. the record, 85, longstanding record 1907. now 58 degrees at the airport frostburg, md., over an inch of rain, 56 degrees high today in the low 60's. at mid 60's at children's hospital, 0.2 inches of rain.
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half an inch of rain in chantilly, 57 degrees. the temperatures, a wide range 57 hagerstown, 59 martinsburg. to the south, a little bit of sunshine this afternoon orange and 58, charlottesville 71, making the atmosphere a little unstable. that is why they have the severe thunderstorm watch in effect and tornado warnings. compared with yesterday are temperatures are 20 degrees colder. the slow-moving air off to the west will finally moved out by this time tomorrow evening. meantime thunderstorms beginning to pop up across southwestern virginia. the tornado warnings right now two, one close to lynchburg. severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00 tonight, nothing for the immediate metro, but the storms diminish.
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this line may keep intact and arrive across the southwestern viewing area during the evening not expecting anything severe, but be be prepared -- but be prepared for some heavier rain. the future-cast, the next 48 hours, cloud stick around overnight. the clouds break up just a little bit, peaks of sunshine in the afternoon. the showers will be completely gone this time tomorrow. monday, the skies cleared nicely the temperatures rebound. showers and thunderstorms overnight, 55-62. the best chance of storms across the potomac highlands, the shenandoah valley, may have some troubles and the district, arlington, alexandria. showers tomorrow, upper 60's, low 70's. the extended outlook not bad 65 degrees wind gust of 25 m.p.h.
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cooler on tuesday. and i circled down with drier air for the upcoming weekend -- nicer cool-down with drier air for the upcoming weekend. batman has been quite a rollercoaster. -- >> it has been quite a rollercoaster. >> the nationals are trying to get through the dog days of march. were they able to pick it up today against the orioles? the bounty program and the nfl seems to be a
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program. it was evident that the leak was setting an example. the situation is being taken before the u.s. senate and it seems that more teams could be guilty. the detroit free press is reporting that the titans organized a pole and coaches were aware of it, happening during be correctach's tenure. espn is reporting that the ravens had a similar bounty placed on the pittsburgh steelers wide receivers. no other team at this time has been punished. davey johnson of the orioles says he is tired of losing. jackson's lowest march e.r.a. is 5.32 which is not good.
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the orioles scoreless base hit. espinosa home, 1-0 nationals. struggling he drives it the opposite way bonn, three-run shot. the orioles win 12-3. the arnold palmer invitational. tiger woods the long birdie attempt, rolling slowly to the whole, and falls in. he is 12 under par. he would bogey 15, double bogey but comes back strong. he has the one-stroke lead at 11 over -- at 11 under par. kevin marshall had to sit out of the sweet 16 game against ohio, after he fractured his wrist. he is questionable for the game
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tomorrow against kansas. sorry, pam. the tar heels out of sync, 7 seconds to go, harrison barnes will lose it. going into overtime, unc up, barnes the hero. north carolina pulls away and survives. >> there is a better chance that he will play sunday. i did not really expect him to play today. we tried to prepare all week that he would not play, and that is what we are preparing for sunday. if he can play, needless to say i will take him. >> brittney did it again. the n.c.a.a. tournament, there you go, two-handed jam. it is the seventh dunk of her
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career. the elite eight, florida leads louisville 65-64 in the second half. florida is doing really well in the tournament. >> and kentucky and the tar heels are in the elite eight two, i am happy.
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>> movie fans are gobbling up tickets atfor the "hunger games," setting a record for an original film.
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the correct record holder is "alice in wonderland -- the current record holder is "alice- in-wonderland." >> we have not had a lot of rain like this for about three weeks. everything is clearing up in terms of the pawlenty,ollen. as the rain continues it will just wither away at the cherry blossoms. scattered showers through the night, and sunday. cooler and drier on monday and tuesday. a quick warm-up wednesday, then we cool down next weekend. is your online home for the weather. if you have any travel plans this evening check out live doppler radar and prepare for showers or storms that may be on the way.
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>> sounds good. regretting not going to the cherry blossoms yesterday. thank you so much for being with us here tonight. we will see you back here at


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